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Ricco Monte

Ricco Monte

The business hours

Lunch time 11:30-14:30(Last order 14:00)
Dnner time 17:30-22:00(Last order 21:30)

Lunch time(only a seat)

Course availability : 2017/04/01 - 2018/12/31

Lunch Time

The business hours 11:30 start 14:30 close
(Last order 14:00)

Only a seat.reservation

Two kinds of course and setmenu are prcparared.

Lunch course

2,800(JPY) per person (Tax and service charge included)
Course availability : 2016/04/01 - 2018/12/31

A 25th anniversary commemoration course lunch

*Today's soup
*Main dish (Fish or Meat)

(Apicture is imagined)

Dinner time (only a seat)

Course availability : 2016/04/01 - 2018/12/31

Dinner time

The buiness hours 17:30start 22:00close
(Last order 21:30)

Only a seat

Three kinds of course and a la carte dish are prcparared