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"Star Hill" specializes in modern Chinese gourmet cuisine in a chic venue. The restaurant offers fresh and surprising flavors from the four major areas of Chinese cuisine. The menu includes high-end seafood such as shark's fin and exceptionally fresh produce from local farmers.
"Star Hill" offers seven well appointed private dining rooms that can accommodate small or large groups for any occasions.

*Kindly inform your waiter if you are allergic to certain foods or have any dietary restrictions.

Reservation Month Time Slot Nonsmoking/Smoking
2017/12 1Fri 2Sat 3Sun 4Mon 5Tue 6Wed 7Thu 8Fri 9Sat 10Sun 11Mon 12Tue 13Wed 14Thu 15Fri 16Sat
No Vacancies
2017/12 17Sun 18Mon 19Tue 20Wed 21Thu 22Fri 23Sat 24Sun 25Mon 26Tue 27Wed 28Thu 29Fri 30Sat 31Sun  
No Vacancies
2018/1 1Mon 2Tue 3Wed 4Thu 5Fri 6Sat 7Sun 8Mon 9Tue 10Wed 11Thu 12Fri 13Sat 14Sun 15Mon 16Tue
No Vacancies
2018/1 17Wed 18Thu 19Fri 20Sat 21Sun 22Mon 23Tue 24Wed 25Thu 26Fri 27Sat 28Sun 29Mon 30Tue 31Wed  
No Vacancies